plugin stack

Here's a list of elementary plugins that help you to make WordPress more CMS like, safer, faster and just nicer for you to use.

I’ll try to keep this updated.


Google XML Sitemap
Builds a sitemap of your site and pings the search engines. Great for SEO.

This is one of my favourite plugins when you need to have more than one author on the page and you need to limit what roles can do. Extremely handy and well build plugin.

User Photo
This comes extremely handy when having multiauthor site.

Better search. The WP standard search sucks, this improves it dramatically.

File gallery
Enables you to reattach images to posts. Priceless!


WP Security Scan
Scans you WP instal for any security issues. I’m always confused how I should set the file permissions, priceless tool for that.

Login Lockdown
Protects the login form from brute force. It only allows one IP to try 3 (or more/less) times to log in.

Protects your emails automatically. Good for multi author sites with users that have no idea why they should protect their email address.


Next Page Not Post
“Easily create navigation to sibling pages. Similar to next_post_link() and previous_post_link() but for pages.”

Automatic WordPress Backup
Automatically backup your whole WP to Amazon S3. Uploaded files, themes, database, everything. Nice.

Automatically backup your database, set it and forget it.

Convert Post Types
This is great for converting big masses of posts (see below a different approach). You choose what category to convert to a new Post Type. Handy.

Post Type Converter
Write a post and after that notice that you used a wrong Post Type accidentally. Now you wish that only if changing post type would be as easy as changing category. With this plugin it is. It gives you a new metabox where you can choose what Post Type the post is. You can also bulk convert posts.

Regenerate thumbnails
Does what it says. Just set the new thumbnail dimensions from WordPress settings and press a button. Remember to back up your uploads folder before using.

User Switching
This is a great timesaver! You can switch between user accounts without the faff. Before when I had to test the backend with other user roles than admin, I used to have another browser open where I was logged in as non admin. With this it’s just easier.

Page speed

Compresses images. If you’re not running your images through Photoshops “save for web” this cuts the images down ~50%.

WP Super Cache or Hyper Cache
For database caching, there’s lot options, has a poll about the cache plugins. And here is a nice article with some bench mark results.

WP Minify
For minifying the code and gzipping.

W3 Total Cache
Or you can instal the W3 Total Cache that caches the database and minifies and gzips and what not (I’ve had some trouble of getting this to work, but I’m sure that within these you can find a working combo).

Changing the backend

Dashboard Notepad
Puts a simple notepad in your dashboard. I like to type in article ideas here. The content of the notepad can be printed to a page with template tag

Tab Override
Enables tabbing WP post editor, comes really handy when posting loads of code. You can adjust the depth of tabbing.

Code Auto Escape
Again when writing code this converts all the characters that are inside .

Category Checklist Expander
"This plugin increases the height of the category checklist meta box on the post editing screen so that all categories are shown. No more scrolling!" Small but priceless.

Category Checklist Tree
"On the post editing screen, after saving a post, you will notice that the checked categories are displayed on top, breaking the category hierarchy." I think that feature is weird and stupid. This fixes it.

Radio Button Categories
In theory, you choose one category and multiple tags to a post. Here's something to make it reality. This one forces the user to only select one category. Good for multi-author blogs.

WP Help
"Administrators can create detailed, hierarchical documentation for the site's authors and editors, viewable in the WordPress admin."

Nice Search
This simple plugin (no configuration) redirects ?s=FOO search URLs to the nicer /search/FOO versions. Requires pretty mod_rewrite permalinks.

"WordPress Tasks acts as an interface between common WP features and helping users learn how to use them."

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