Everyday mac apps I use

Just a list of simple productivity Mac apps I use in day to day life.

  • ClipMenu – paste memory and paste snippets.
  • Alfred – app launcher, does more stuff also.
  • LittleIpsum – for Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.
  • 1Password – password manager.
  • Dropbox – for files.
  • Google Drive – for files.
  • Spectacles – for window management (open source).
  • DeliBar – for opening Delicious.com bookmarks.
  • Evernote – for taking notes (quite rarely in use).
  • RescueTime – for measuring where I spent my time.
  • ShortStop – to disable system keyboard shortcuts (not in everyday use but really handy sometimes).
  • Twitter app – for, drumroll, Twitter.
  • Sublime Text – for editing files and taking notes.
  • iTerm2 – for interacting with my computer.
  • MonoSnap – for taking taking screen caps and drawing cool little arrows in them (like Skitch).
  • LiceApp – for making little gif screen casts.
  • Marked – for Markdowns preview (and the Sublime package that opens files in Marked form Sublime).
  • Calendar – OSX built in calendar.
  • XtraFinder – Dramatically improve Finder, still keeping it’s simplicity. Better that TotalFinder IMHO.
  • TunnelBlick – for VPN connections (open source).
  • ScreenShade – for dimming the screen more than is possible out the box, great for those migraine days.
  • CleanMyMac – for completely uninstalling apps and cleaning cache files.
  • WorkFlowy – the best list app ever (it’s a Chrome app and a webapp).
  • Atom – the GitHub code editor (not using it too much at the moment, it needs to mature a bit more).

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