Git: move commits between branches with cherry-pick

Cherry-picking in Git is trivial, it's as easy and logical as it should be.

Basic usage of cherry-pick

Let’s imagine two branches new-feature and master, now we want to get one commit from new-feature to master:

$ git checkout new-feature

# Log your commits
$ git log

commit 0b5e336cccf6b89894894b921d4858bb34417e02
Author: hilja <>
Date:   Mon Apr 6 00:10:42 2015 +0200


commit cbc51480ea42dcc91deec8d8a30fbddc37d9b6d3
Author: hilja <>
Date:   Sun Mar 1 12:37:11 2015 +0100

    On a steady trajectory to more modular site.

Say, you want the “Tweaks” commit, copy the wanted commit ID (git-ish), in this case it’s 0b5e336cccf6b89894894b921d4858bb34417e02 and:

$ git checkout master
$ git cherry-pick <commit ID>

It’s that simple.

Merge conflicts

If you hit a merge conflict, check the status of your repo:

$ git status

Now you’ll see all the files that are not added to the staging area, those have merge conflicts. Go to the files and solve the merge conflicts and save them. Then:

$ git add -A
$ git cherry-pick ---continue

That’s the exact same workflow as you would have when solving merge conflicts when rebasing.


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