How to automate Node projects packages updates

Whether it's a website built with Grunt or Gulp, or just any other Node project, the package updates can be automated with npm-check-updates. I can tell you, it's super handy!

Update: permalink and title to reflect more Node projects and not only Grunt projects. Live and learn.

For instance, if you want to update project’s Grunt or Gulp packages, you need to go to the packages.json file and manually update the version number to each package and then run $ npm update. Tedious, boring, repetative.

Enter npm-check-updates

npm-check-updates does what it says, checks for new versions and updates your package.json file accordingly.



Install it globally (-g):

$ npm install -g npm-check-updates


cd into your project and check for updates:

$ npm-check-updates

This’ll spew out a list of outdated packages for you to inspect. Then update the packages file:

$ npm-check-updates -u

Then use the npm’s built in update command:

$ npm update

And there you have it, nice and easy.


I tried this and couldn’t get the npm-update to work, I reinstalled node and it helped.


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