How to build a custom zepto

Here's a quick guide on building a custom zepto from comfort of your command line.

Either install Zepto to your project with Bower:

$ bower install zepto

Or clone it from Git:

$ git clone

cd into the Zepto’s dir:

$ cd zepto/

Then, (from the Zepto dir) get the tools needed for the custom build process:

$ npm install

Finally the actual build process:

$ MODULES="zepto event ajax form ie" ./make dist

This will make a Zepto with the chosen modules in it, in this case: zepto, event, ajax, form, and ie. The newly created file can found from the dist directory.

Below are the available modules. At least the defaults should be installed in order for Zepto to work.

module default description
zepto Core module; contains most methods
event Event handling via on() & off()
ajax XMLHttpRequest and JSONP functionality
form Serialize & submit web forms
ie Add support for Internet Explorer 10+ on desktop and Windows Phone 8.
detect Provides $.os and $.browser information
fx The animate() method
fx_methods Animated show, hide, toggle,
and fade*() methods.
assets Experimental support for cleaning up iOS memory after removing
image elements from the DOM.
data A full-blown data() method, capable of storing arbitrary
objects in memory.
deferred Provides $.Deferred promises API.
Depends on the “callbacks” module.

When included, $.ajax() supports a
promise interface for chaining callbacks.
callbacks Provides $.Callbacks for use in “deferred” module.
selector Experimental jQuery
CSS extensions
support for functionality such as $('div:first') and':visible').
touch Fires tap– and swipe–related events on touch devices. This works with both
`touch` (iOS, Android) and `pointer` events (Windows Phone).
gesture Fires pinch gesture events on touch devices
stack Provides andSelf & end() chaining methods
ios3 String.prototype.trim and Array.prototype.reduce methods
(if they are missing) for compatibility with iOS 3.x.

There’s also a one page app to do to the build for you.

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