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Make any HTML element editable with contenteditable attribute

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Any element’s content can be made editable same way form fields are, even divs, by using the contenteditable attribute.

<div id="editable-div" contenteditable>Hello!</div>

You can just edit that div 👇

Value: Hello!

Listening changes on contenteditable element

Normal onChange event, which you would listen on a normal form field, won’t work in a contenteditable field, and is not a thing. But you can listen to the input event, and the elements value can be accessed with

const editableDiv = document.getElementById('#editable-div')

editableDiv.addEventListener('input', event => {

Also, you’ve got access to Document.execCommand() when the div is made editable.

contenteditable React component

React is winching about that:

Error message from JavaScript console
Warning: A component is `contentEditable` and contains `children` managed by React. It is now your responsibility to guarantee that none of those nodes are unexpectedly modified or duplicated. This is probably not intentional.

Event though I don’t have any children in there...

As a React component, the above editable element demo would look like this:

const EditableDiv = () => {
  const [divText, setDivText] = React.useState('Hello!')

  return (
        onInput={event => setDivText(}
      <div className="value-container">
        <strong>Value:</strong> {divText}


I’m slightly unsure where to use this... You could build a simple text editor with it, and it’s great for demos and such.

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