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Set multiple React refs in one variable

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Storing multiple refs to an array or an object.

You can use an array or an object to store React refs, depending on if you have access to a name or an index.

Array ref

First setup the ref with useRef, initiate it with an empty array:

const refs = React.useRef([])

A click handler might look something like this:

const handleClick = index => {

Then set the ref like so:

  ref={ref => !refs.current.includes(ref) && refs.current.push(ref)}
  placeholder={`Field ${index}`}

Object ref

Pretty much the same, initiate with an empty object:

const refs = React.useRef({})

No push and no includes check:

  ref={ref => (refs.current[name] = ref)}
  placeholder={`Field ${name}`}


Multiple React refs demo

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