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Few JavaScript loops you probably hadn’t thought of

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Here’s few uncommon ways to loop in JavaScript. These might, or might not come handy at some point of your developer life.

Length-less for loop

You don’t necessarily need to get the length of the condition.

const el = document.getElementsByClassName('hotdog')

for (let i = 0; menu[i]; i++) {
  el[i].className += ' some-extra-class'

Downside is that it won’t work on "arrays where null, undefined, false, 0, or "" are valid elements".

Reverse for loop

This answer recommends reverse for loop in some cases:

const el = document.getElementsByClassName('hotdog')

for (let i = el.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
  el[i].className += ' some-extra-class'

In reverse, loops are a bit speedier, that’s because the i ins only evaluated once, and not on every iteration. Which is of course completely meaningless unless you’re dealing with iteration counts in their millions, but anyway, now you know.

Reverse while loop

Here’s a simple looking reversed while loop:

const el = document.getElementsByClassName('hotdog')
const i = el.length

while (i--) {
  el[i].className += ' some-extra-class'

When we subtract from the index with i--, at some point the i hits 0 and the loop stops (because 0 is a bottom value).

Looping string with for...of

For...of can loop pretty much anything you throw at it, like a strings:

const iterable = 'foo'

for (let letter of iterable) {


Some of the techniques are lifted from this SO thread.

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