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Update rsync on OSX with Homebrew

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Quick guide on Homebrew and installing the latest version of rsync.

I had to fiddle around and Google a bit to get the rsync installed via Homebrew, so I thought I'll write about it.

apt-get is a package manager for Ubuntu and Debian, whereas homebrew is for Mac OS X.

Install Homebrew

If you haven’t already, install it by pasting this to your terminal prompt (check

$ curl -fsSL -o

Use it

homebrew works in a similar fashion as apt-get, the command is brew. You can search for a package:

$ brew search rsync

Then install it:

$ brew install rsync

Make rsync work

After installation process, check the rsync version:

$ rsync --version
rsync  version 2.7.0

Despite installing the latest version, for me it showed the old version 2.7.0 (at the time of writing this the latest is 3.1). To solve it: I popped open /private/etc/paths file and moved the line /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin. It should look something like this:


Hope this helped :)

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