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Upload a file to FTP server and copy the link to clipboard with Mac Automator

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So you want to upload a funny image quickly to the Internet. You may use something like CloudApp. Or, do it yourself with Automator.

This post assumes that you have a Mac and an Automator in it.

  1. First, go ahead and download and install "Upload to FTP".
  2. Then, fire up Automator, choose app, drag the "Upload to FTP" to the app.
  3. Fill up your details like shown in this example photo:
  4. Then, drag in "Copy to Clipboard" after the Upload to FTP.
  5. Save it and drag the app icon to the Dock. When you want to upload a image to your server, simply drag an image to the app icon in your Dock. The path to your image is automatically coped to your clipboard for you to paste somewhere.

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