Copy files from local to remote, and tab complete in the remote server

I've been reaching for Cyberduck for years when I've had to move a file to a server. But, scp bash command let's you do all that right in the prompt.

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Copying files from local to server, or vice versa, happens best with the scp (secure copy) command. rsync is also a great command, but this post looks into scp.

Basic syntax:

$ scp options source target

An example:

$ scp ~/dev/test.html -p 5555 bob@123.4567.890:/var/www/

The problems in this command might be:

  • It’s laborious to type the port, username, host name: -p 5555 user@123.456.78. You might have a default port, but still it’s a lot of typing.
  • It’s even more work to type the path in the remote server. The change of typos might be quite high.

Turns out that remote tab completion is possible, and ssh credentials can be stored into a config file and then referred with a short alias.

Let’s set those up next.

Authenticate to the server

For this all to be possible, ssh authentication to the server is needed. I have a post on that: “How to create ssh keys and manage multiple keys”. Have a look if authentication is black magic for you.

Basically, the credentials are added to ~/.ssh/config file:

Host           hello
HostName       123.456.789.01
Port           5555
IdentityFile   ~/.ssh/id_rsa
User           bob

Then you can just do:

$ ssh hello

And you’re securely in, no passwords asked. Next, the tab completion.

Setup remote host tab completion

If on OS X, a program called bash-completion is needed, install with homebrew (if homebrew is not familirriar, check my article on it):

$ brew install bash-completion

Then add the following snippet to your ~/.bash_profile:

if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion ]; then
  . $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion

Next, let’s put this all to use.

Using the scp command

We set out host alias to “hello” above, if a files is wanted to be uploaded to server, we can simply go like:

$ scp test.html hello:/var/www/

To get a file from the remote server, just flip it and reverse it:

$ scp hello:/var/www/ test.html

And yes, tab completion is possible on remote paths :) It’s not instant though, because it has to go look for the path over the internet, but so much better than nothing. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Moving a directory

Use the recursive flag -r:

$ scp -r project/ hello:/var/www/


This has been a pain point for me a long time, I never thought that remote tab completion would be possible, live and learn. Also, rsync is very viable option for moving files around.

Also checkout my rsync post, it brushes the subject.


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