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Add an "edit post" link to front end of your WordPress site

Edit-post button is already in the admin bar (not for archive view), but maybe you are like me, and don't like the admin bar hogging your…

Strip the protocol from an URL using PHP

Dealing with those pesky URL prefixes on a user based input case. For example, if you have a custom field in your WordPress post that is…

In Wordpress get post metadata when using wpalchemy class

Getting a post metadata values, when using the helpful wpalchemy class, differs a bit from the normal method. You may get acquainted to the…

Check if variable is empty in PHP

Part of the PHP basics series. Here we’ll use the empty() : But that’s kinda long way to do it. Many times it’s more handy to ask if it’s…

How to do a back link with JavaScript (and PHP)

Some users ignore the back button, maybe all of us every now and then. Sometimes a big and juicy BACK button gives you a nice "I’m not lost…

Add support for WordPress custom menus

Here's a quick snippet on how to add custom menus to WP. This piece of code goes into your themes functions.php file: Name the navigation…

Change the form field placeholder text color

Here’s how to change the placeholder text color on a form fields. Example HTML: The default look is something like this: And here’s the CSS…

Browser statistics

Will we always have shitty browsers? Editors note: this post was published 2011-06-11, now it’s 2020-12-03, and what the naïve dev (me…

Add custom fields with the WPAlchemy MetaBox PHP Class

Using custom fields in WordPress is imperative, the built in custom field UI has much to wish for. Helper Class to rescue. There are a ton…

Add image sizes to WordPress

Heres how to add more image sizes to WordPress. This goes in your theme’s functions.php file: Here’s what the parameters do:

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