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How to make form element label clickable

It’s good accessibility have a large click area on form elements. The label and field can be "linked" with by adding a for attribute to…

100% height columns & fixed width sidebar: pure CSS solutions to commons fluid layout problems

Here’s a selection of pure CSS solution to some common layout issues. All of these work in IE 8. When flexbox is supported more widely, it…

Sass mixin to make a button element look like a normal link.

If you’ve designed a button that looks like a link, but you still want to be semantic, then this mixin may come handy. It looks like this…

CSS beveled corners, take 2: a Sass Mixin

I refined the beveled corners method I posted about earlier. This includes a bunch os Sass mixins that do all the dirty work for you…

Example .gitignore file for a JavaScript project

Here’s an example .gitignore file for reference, which contains most of the things that need ignoring in a normal JavaScript project. The…

CSS trapezoid shapes drawn in pure CSS (and triangles)

Here’s some trapezoids shapes drawn in pure CSS. They’re very similar to CSS triangles, they’re basically elongated triangles... with more…

Base64 encoded 1px gifs, black, gray and transparent

These can be stretched as large as you need. Black Gray Transparent

If not IE, conditional HTML comment

There’s a conditional command to check if a browser is not IE. You can use magic HTML comment to do that:

Making trippy shapes with CSS border and animating them to give you epilepsy

Animating CSS border property can result in in pretty spacey looking things. I just played around with it and stuff appeared. The basics The…

Check if element exists in jQuery

Simple way to check if element exists in jQuery. The $('#module2') is always truthy, because an empty array is truthy Boolean([]) . So…

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